End of 2006 and Into the New Year.
2007-01-04/2:21 a.m.

Last week was spent in lovely Overland Park, Kansas eating many foods, seeing many people, watching movies and getting in an adequate amount of dog bellies. All in all, not a bad way to spend christmas.

The Ontario airport was very fast and had amazing views. I got a good shot of the view from our terminal: IMG_2065

Here is the blurry tree in the dark:
christmas tree
My dad's house is still completely under construction which, if you know him or me, this should come as no surprise.

Molly's cute cute face:
sleepy eyed molly
She is the best. I need to get a place with a yard and dognap her. Even if she is old and crippled now (Seriously, she sometimes can't walk and then I cry. It's horrible. Poor baby.).

The Plaza lights:
plaza lights

One of the best parts of every christmas is playing cards with my grandma:
rummi with granny

Then we went over to Teresa and Robert's and Mike was attacked by a gang of street dogs:
mike gets attacked by dogs
Just kidding. Those are their cutie pies. They just love us too much and can't contain it.

Then we came back to LA and went to a kind of lame new year's party. I don't really care about new year's at all though, so we always do what Mike wants to do since he loves it. I made the most of it by taking photobooth photos (yes Patrick, more photobooth photos) and sneaking pictures of my old dream man, Bob Odenkirk:
(sorry Phil!)

Then we spent New Year's Day having the best brunch OF ALL TIME and being lazy. It was great.
new year's menu
It was seriously great. I got a job that starts next week so I really wanted to get some things done this week, be lazy, and get in some quality time with my ludbot, so I really got off on the right foot.

I uploaded these pictures to flickr so that I could post but I have tons more that I need to get on and will do that shortly.

So far 2007 is pretty good and I think this will be a good year. I am optimistic.

Happy New Year!


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