The Internet... you old dog, you.
2007-01-10/4:35 p.m.

One of the best parts of having your own site, is checking out what people are entering into searches in order to find you.

My most favorite one was we can watch tv and maybe listen to some husker du that was entered into google. That may be the best song lyric ever (or, for the moment, I am fickle) and I am glad to have my site associated with it.

The most helpful one lately was someone yahoo searching 24/7 cancelled and finding me. I thought, wait, I only hypothesized about it being cancelled, lets see what they dug up. And then I searched it myself. YES! 24/7 was cancelled after like two episodes aired. America and I agree that those horrible douchebags need to get off my tv. Thanks anonymous searcher!

Most of the rest are clearly someone looking for porn but not doing a great job at searching. I can only imagine how let down Id be if I wanted to see pictures of girls in panties, but ended up reading this site. Or maybe their thing is reading some stranger talk about panties. Then I probably really revvv their engines!

For now, Ill get back to getting hundred of hits a day from people who want to know how short Rory Gilmore is. Hmm, I should just start adding words to see what happens. Madonna, nipple, Africa, Paris, Oprah, snow, Charlie Sheen, HIV, Sorkin and puppies. Now we just wait for the magic to happen (stats tracker, here I come!)


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