I am the picture of sanity.
2007-01-11/6:31 p.m.

Starting November 1st, I wasnít really working last year. Well, now I should be honest and mention the one day of market research for the Helio and the one day commercial shoot I did. Those happened. But yeah, from November 1 through the holidays I had very little going on.

Talk about bad timing. The holidays are a time when having money is kind of, you know, important. In the past I have been known to go a little batty when I wasnít working so I made a real effort to just focus on working and little things to keep myself happy. It even kind of worked! I didnít go crazy, but I did spend probably too much time wasting time online and watching crappy tv. I also spent roughly zero time writing, but I did come up with some shows to pitch and an idea for a Converse spec ad.

That was all though. Oh! I also dabbled in making posters for some bands. I actually chose to do that in order to stave off madness, and it was a good idea. Something to focus on. However, I donít have a scanner right now so the posters werenít as awesome as I would have liked, since I couldnít use my own drawn lettering and pictures etcÖ But not too shabby. One was even for the Bouncing Souls who, while I donít care for their music, are famous. Itís being printed in huge poster size though, which I find embarrassing. Thank god I donít live in Ireland (where the posters are going up) so I donít run a risk of seeing them anywhere.

Now the holidays have passed and I have started my brand new job! YES!

(I found this image by searching for ďwoo hoo!Ē online)

Itís pretty good and I really like the people Iím working with (all three of them), but there are always drawbacks. One drawback of this one is that I find my brain glazing over sporadically throughout the day. This may be because I am stupid. Or because I have not had a challenging job in a while (at least 6 months). I hope itís the latter! But I get to write and interview and produce which are three of my favorite things! And itís like a 5 minute drive from my apartment, which is simply luxurious.

Now I have to worry about the job driving me insane and doing things to balance that. Is life going to be like this forever? A constant series of events and then me attempting to handle them without going insane? I hope not. But if it is, I am ready. I am fully capable of preventing myself from going insane. Check out my freaking confidence! Thatís the confidence of a sane woman. A sane woman who will know way too much about the Chicago Field Museum by the end of the week.

SIDENOTE- I made an awesome baked pasta last night (with mozzarella and smoked chicken sausage, thanks Marha) but then I had really bizarre dreams like an old man was hovering over me, watching me sleep. I thought it was really happening and I started to wake Mike up. SCARY! I was exhausted when the alarm went off this morning. So, does anyone think that the pasta gave me bad mojo? Or that I am being haunted? Thanks Martha (this time to be read sarcastically).


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