Weekly Roundup
2007-02-16/10:53 p.m.

Jeez Louise, this week flew by! Last weekend was a real stinker, and then Monday I was exhausted and cranky. I had a bit of a cold, even if I was mostly in denial about it, and Mike blew off the one plans we had because he had forgotten them. Not good. On Monday I didn't think another weekend would come soon enough. I want to take it back! I need more time in the week now!

On Tuesday night I made secret cupcakes for Valentine's Day.


They turned out cute! I am finally getting the hang of frosting something well. I am way better at cupcakes than cookies though. Gotta keep trying!

On Wednesday Mike had made me a card and some flowers... cute!

Then we went out for sushi and a movie. The food was great. Everyone was just a bit more dressed up than usual. It was pretty cute. I have always liked Valentine's Day. I always made cards for my friends and bought the candy the day after when it was all cheap. Damn the naysayers!

We saw Music and Lyrics and it was really funny. Seriously. The songs were catchy and awesome and there were a lot of laughs. The songs were written by Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne, whom I enjoy very much. The love story was a bore, but the funny was enough for me. The opening 5 minutes is an awesome music video that I could watch over and over again. It definitely got some boisterous laughter from both of us (my sister's old nickname for me was Boisty, making fun of my loud laugh... then I met Mike and she went to a movie with the two of us and nicknamed him Boisty1. I had been de-throned...).

I have also started my drum lessons. That's right, drum lessons. So far I LOVE it. I am just frustrated at not getting better faster. I've been practicing at least a little bit every night with the sticks the guy gave me. My teacher seems to suffer a bit from many kinds of ADD, but he is very nice and has extreme hipster hair. His name is Jimmy and his drums are purple and sparkly. I want to be awesome so badly. Must practice practice practice.

Work has been wicked nuts and I have been getting a bit yelled at, which is stressful. I felt better today because I set up more interviews and planned more of a shoot. Something tangible was completed, which is a nice feeling.

Now it's Friday and I'm waiting for Mike because he's taking me to the Santa Monica Pier (the pier in Lost Boys!) tonight. We will ride the ferris wheel. This, I swear.


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