cheeseburger for president!
2007-03-07/12:58 a.m.

My friends cheeseburger have always been awesome. Christy looks so happy playing guitar that it's super fun to watch, and luke is a sweet faced boy who beats the shit out of the drums. Watching him play actually made me want to learn the drums. And just look how cute they are- awwwww.

We used to go see them play at parties in Brooklyn and they were always awesome. One time at the continental joe was particularly on and had Mike dying between the songs. I think he was asking some drunk frat boy if he was from the Jersey Shore etc... it's hard to remember. Joe has an extreme amount of charisma. Even back when he was very hairy and greasy and showed his butt crack all the way through sets where his leather pants were falling below his beer gut. I think he immediately seduced Mikki into loving them. He also attacks and throws things at the audience.

Now they're getting reviews in Pitchfork and RollingStone and have two videos (that they made themselves, stupid talented assholes) that I LOVE.

One for Tiger:

And one for Do You Remember?:

And to top it all off, their new record came out today! Go buy it! I plan to buy it as well. Let's all buy it together.

In non-cheeseburger news, I have been really swamped at work. Like drowning. I am nervous. I think I am going to work a shitload in the next week or so to get my head above water so I can relax. I am a bit annoyed that I asked for 2 days off in July and was asked if I could wait to be approved until June in case things are still busy. I think it's kind of nuts to expect me to work for 9 months without a single day off.... I guess we'll see. I'm going to say that I need to know by March 15th, since I pretty much do. I mean, I have to buy plane tickets and book hotel and stuff.

Also, the July trip would be for an awesome punk rock festival, that I would be making videos for. So I'd kind of need to plan those out and do shot lists and concepts etc.. I am excited though. I love making videos! Let's all talk Mike into going with me. Yeah, that's the ticket! It would be so great and we'd watch bands and eat crabcakes and see the nation's capitol.

Sharon and Eric left tonight and now I am sad. I was super busy with them here. Mainly becuase I am usually so darn lazy on the weekends, that doing much of anything is a lot. So doing a lot was like living in a parallel universe. I wouldn't take any of it back though, even if they are crazy people who don't relax on vacation. Sharon is the best and I really miss living more near to her. If she moves out here it will really affect my being out here more long term. I am already leaning that way anyway. Sharona forever.

I have to upload pictures of our weekend and then pass out. There is simply not enough time in the day.


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