Playing Ketchup.
2007-03-19/2:54 a.m.

In the past two weeks I've worked countless hours, and I'd almost forgotten if anything else happened.

A few weeks ago (I think?) Mike and I saw a free screening of Zodiac. It was so long. And so boring. Afterwards I asked Mike what he thought and he went "Ehhhh" which isn't a good thing. I really loved the book so that was a bummer. It was just not material that would make a great movie. I was surprised they made the movie at all. Mike also fell asleep a bunch of times. The screening was full of screenwriters which was also like hell. Mike likened it to being at a comic book convention but with a slightly different set of fandom. The screenwriter was also totally boring to listen to so we skedaddled in the middle of that. Mark Ruffalo was in it though, and he's always good.

Then we brought the 90s back, indie rock style, by going to see Sebadoh on their reunion tour. It was at Spaceland at Silverlake. I got Mike a tshirt and I got some buttons from Lou Barlow himself who was working the merch table. He informed me it was his turn, and also expressed happiness that we are new to the area, as he apparently loves Silverlake himself. The show was good, but they did not play many of my favorites. That is the trouble with a band that has so many songs in their back catalogue. There were weird hecklers there who were pretty mean and loud and even threw stuff. Then it came out the hecklers were at their West Hollywood show the night before. So these hecklers were superfans? Very weird.

I have been buried in work but the shoot I produced wrapped yesterday. WHEW. Thank freaking god. I know this is only the beginning as editing will start soon, but I breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when it happened.

My new obsession is an apartment down the street. Literally. It's about 5 buildings away on the same side of the street that we currently live on. I noticed the other night that it was empty and that all the windows were open so I peaked inside. I LOVE IT. I told Mike about it and my new plan to make it mine. He agreed with my plan to leave a note asking if it will be available to rent in the next few months. When we went to put the note on the door and everything was opened up like it was being painted. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE NOW. I am so obsessed, and it will most likely end with sadness. It's a very good size, tons of windows, very cute, lots of closets, fireplace and oven in the wall in the kitchen. So neat. Once we saw the whole thing Mike thought it would be too pricey for us. I guess we'll see. It's in an Armenian building (we live in Little Armenia) and I am often mistaken for being Armenian around here so I am hoping to play that in my favor. Everyone needs to cross their fingers for us, and cross them that it won't be 2k a month or something insane.

Today there was an open house up on Franklin that we stopped in to. It was definitely cuter than I expected, and it had a/c and electric heat. Not tons of character but it had parking. They were asking $1385 though, which is about 200 more than I would expect for the place. It's crazy that my 1 br in New York is considerably cheaper than the apartments we're seeing here. Damn market. Everything I read says that rents here are out of control because there hasn't been a big earthquake in a long time. It's strange to wish for an earthquake...

Next show will be the Apples in Stereo this Thursday and then my friend Amy has a comedy show on Friday night. So social these days. It's also Persian New Year this week! I freaking love Persian New Year. Time to eat some persian food and jump over some fires for luck.

There is also a big punk rock fest in Baltimore this July that I may be filming a few videos at. Well, and seeing my friends and seeing some incredible bands and taking a few days off work. I am VERY excited. I need to get on booking some plane tickets. Mike is not for sure if he's going yet, but he has a ticket just in case. I hope he comes. I needs a camera man. And someone to smooch when boring people are playing. Haha. Sorry, boring people.

So my current agenda is planning the Baltimore trip, and getting an amazing apartment up the street and then becoming the happiest girl in the world. And also fitting in a trip to Florida to see the ludgrandparents, and then Santa Barbara for the lud-marathon. Yay!

Boo to working in the morning though. This was a pretty great weekend, so I guess I can't complain. I dreamt last night that the weekend was over and that I had to get up and go to work and I was so bummed in my dream. Like "what happened to Sunday?!" but then I woke up and realized it wasn't Monday and I was so happy.


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