Ask and you shall receive.
2007-03-25/12:41 a.m.

Cheeseburger is totally playing in LA tonight, and I could not be happier! It's like writing about them summoned them over to my coast. I am going to leave in an hour or two since it's not far from our apartment. So excited. Friends are bailing on me though, which is THEIR loss.

Things heard in my office yesterday:
Over the PA system:
"Scotch in my office... bring your own mug" from the head of the company.

"Wanna get some lunch?"
"It's too early to eat."
"It's 2pm"
"....oh my god, no it's not"
It was, but I felt the same way. Where have the days been going?!

I slept until noon today for the first time in who knows how long. And it was like straight through. I was so darn exhausted this week that I'm not surprised. Mike did too, and he usually wakes up early and then can't sleep. It was quite relaxing.

Then I went and bought costumes and props for work and got a binder to make a recipe notebook. But then I got home and took a two hour nap while The Stepford Wives and Lethal Weapon 2 were on tv. I've never seen the original Stepford Wives but was under the impression that it was creepy and scary like Rosemary's Baby. The current one was much more..... offensive? Misogynist? Boring? Yes, all of those things. My favorite was the tidbit that one scene took 2 weeks to shoot, then 7 months to finish the visual effects on, and was then prompty cut from the movie for being "too comical." I am guessing that was like 1 million dollars wasted. Awesome.

I guess I should eat some dinner and then go see my favorite drunks play some rock n roll. A perfect Saturday night!


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