30 rock!
2007-04-05/6:53 p.m.

30 Rock has been picked up for a 2nd season! This is great news since I think that is the funniest show on tv and a guy who has been nothing but nice to me in real life, Jack McBrayer, gets to keep his job. I just hope this doesn’t mean that Andy Barker PI is going to get the axe. Just move it to another night! There are so few good “sitcoms” on tv, and the top rated one these days appears to be “’Til Death” if Entertainment Weekly is to be believed, and that is craaaaaay-zayyyyyy.

At the gym they have this issue of Marie Claire with Sandra Oh on the cover:

Every day when I’m there I see it and immediately think, “who did she piss off at Marie Claire?!” That is an awful photo. Is that a smile or a shocked look of walking into the scent of some homeless person urine? Is she scared to death or enjoying the whimsy of life? It’s not good if you can’t tell which right off the bat.

Two big finales happened this week- I Love NY and The Hills. I Love NY (spoiler alert!) seems to have ended with an opening to the do a “my fair brady” like sequel with her and beefy Tango planning their wedding. That is pretty lame. I just really really wanted him to beat up Chance, so I was bummed anyway. The Hills ended so awesomely with douchey Spencer showing that he’s even more douchey than we already knew. He has a separate phone for his girlfriend and his nightlife! He admitted that he only wanted to move in with Heidi because he wanted to get her away from her friend. DOUCHE! That show has also been picked up for another season. Hooray.

My friend at work told me that in magazine Spencer talks about his dad being a cosmetic dentist…. Hahahahahhahahh. Does that explain his huge veneers?

I saw the movie “The Lookout” and it was really good. I highly recommend it and I went into thinking it would be okay, but left feeling very surprised. Otherwise my life is basically cleaning, laundry and putting off writing most of the time. Email was down all day at work today so I got almost nothing done. Very weird. It started slowly but by about 6 people were beginning to go insane and just start leaving early. Email is a big part of all our jobs here.

ladies- I drove by AREA last night at like midnight on a Wednesday and it was packed. Valet, cabs, hummers everywhere. The street was overrun with girls in miniskirts and strappy heels and guys in baseball caps. I did not see Heidi or LC though. Darn.

In LA news- I passed 3 red carpet premeires when driving down Sunset tonight. One was clearly for Entourage. The other one said E! and Origins on the backdrop but no one was there anymore. The third I could only see the lights for and no signs. Thursday night is apparently a bad night to drive down Sunset if you're concerned with being stuck in traffic.


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