hot fuzz!
2007-04-24/1:37 a.m.

We saw Hot Fuzz yesterday with brunch pals, Kenny and Stephanie, and it was a good afternoon all in all. The brunch was deliciousand the movie was really funny. I thought it went on a bit long and got alittle too crazy at the end, but overall it was a satisfying movie going experience. And unlike last week, I didnít cry at all (there was no death of adorable animals in this movie).

Something truly horrible happened though. Something so horrible I thought about not writing about it because I didnít want to relive the horror, but here goes nothing. I went to the restroom before the movie, which was at the Arclight where the bathrooms are totally nice for a public place. So I turn around to flush the toilet and I see something weird in thereÖ OH NO! It was the validation ticket for the parking garage. My first instinct was to flush it. I mean, itís in a public toilet, letís face it- it was dead tome. Then I suddenly remembered then youíre charged a lot when you lose a ticket. I convinced myself to grab it, but only because it was up against the toilet bowl side and not in the water/urine (donít tell me this doesnít make any sense, I was desperate!). I grabbed it by the corner and then ran to the sink and rinsed it in scalding water. Then I dried it and washed it again. It was still a totally disgusting experience. I whispered what happened to Mike when I got back to the theater and he just said ďyouíref unnyĒ and laughed in response to my horror story. I may be scarred for life.

A few weeks ago I mentioned something offhand on the punk rock message board and my friend david s (the same david s from the comments section) took it seriously and now weíre a two man band. I was dubious at first but he put up a hilarious myspace page that says we sound like : Ray Pruitt apologizing to Donna Martin for pushing her down the stairs - in song. So basically David is a boy version of me. Our first song is about how sad it was when Aaron Spelling died. I have to record my backup vocals when I, you know, learn how to record back up vocals. I did learn how to record drum tracks last week so Iím feeling pretty proud of myself already.

The next post will be all about my awesome trip to the soda store on Saturday complete with pretty pictures. I am drinking an awesome Dr. Browns black cherry as I write this in fact. Mmm mmm fancy soda pop.


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