The Soda Pop Stop!
2007-04-27/1:54 a.m.

On Saturday I had an adventure in Eagle Rock. Or was it Highland Park? I don't know the neighborhoods out here very well yet. Either way, I went and picked up my friend Megan at the Razorcake offices/apartment and we went to the Soda Pop Stop called Galcos. The store is very basic and is a grocery store space that just sells drinks and candy basically. Over 300 beverages I was told. I bought mainly soda pops but I did buy some He-brews for Mike.

One side of an aisle:
the soda pop stop

This label ruled:
moxie cream soda

I've heard of Faygo but had never seen it before. It comes in colors only. Like the red one is "red flavored" which is a bit scary. I bought orange because that's safer and I love orange soda:
faygo display

Boylan's Seltzer has amazing packaging that always warms my heart when I see it:
boylan's orange seltzer

And then where produce would be in a normal grocery store, this place had baskets full of less famous candies:
nut goodie

If you click on any of these pictures you will be taken to my flickr page where you can see more photos from the day. Mike's been psyched about his Dr. Browns black cherry sodas but I don't think we've had any others. There was one thing in a cola bottle called "Cheerwine" that Megan described as a "red cola, uh, I can't explain it." The bottle didn't attempt to describe the flavor at all. I passed on buying that one. I did buy a cream soda that had an old man with a white mustache on it like it was from prohibition times. It was okay. Kind of bubble gummy in the aftertaste for me. I forgot to photograph the label though. Sensory overload made me miss a lot of great ones.

And yes, this is my idea of an adventure. The end.


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