Belated weekend and comic relief.
2007-05-03/1:34 a.m.

This past weekend was awesome!!

Meals with friends, a ridiculous party for a stranger, a comedy show, Disneyland, and some quality time with ludbutt.

On Saturday morning Jenna emailed me and said she could get me and Mike into Disneyland for free on Sunday if we could go, but Mike was all "I have to run 10 miles, but you should still go." Now, I'm no dummy. I know that going in odd numbers to an amusement park is no fun, no fun at all. I told him "I don't want to go by myself" but he didn't get it since I was going with 4 other people. Anywho, I called my friend Megan and she was all "I'm in, you can't go odd numbers!" and so the plan was set. A free day at Disneyland is a great deal so I had a feeling I'd find a taker.

Then Saturday afternoon was lunch with friends that I never see. The egghead boys were there with the enochs, in town from New York. It was a good time but James didn't make it. We later found out something unfortunate had happened to him which was very odd and weird, but he's okay. Some stranger on the street punched him in the face and then ran. James is like an adorable cartoon of a person so I can't even imagine someone hitting him. Strangers certainly are strange.

Later in the evening the big group of us attended the naked babies show at the UCB theater. Jenna was feeling sick so they hung out for a little while and then took off back to Orange County (or, the OC as we californians know it) while Mike ran home to put on his fancy suit so we could attend some stranger's 30th birthday party in our neighborhood.

The party was.... interesting. The guy rented out a banquet hall and threw himself a Quincinera. That aspect of it was pretty offensive so I tried to just think of it as a prom or something. I mean, it was a bunch of non-Mexicans mocking their culture pretty much. And it was all done up to be incredibly tacky and ugly and not nice and tasteful. There was a dj though. Mike tore up the dance floor when Rock Lobster played followed by Grease's You're the One That I Want which was super fun. We ate party food and drank free drinks and then beat it home.

The next day I woke up early to go pick up Megan and hit downtown disney, USA. Mike had to get up for a meeting with some guy so I didn't feel so bad about getting up early on a Sunday. We made awesome time and got to Disney in only 30 minutes. It turned out to be a very pretty day, not too hot and not too cold. I'm bummed though because I had hoped to start my tan by spending a whole day in the sun, but at the end of the day I only had a very minimal amount of color. Bummer! When I got home I asked Mike if the first thing he thought was "wow! look at her tan!" and he said "hhmm, no" and so I asked if that was the second thing he thought and he said "ehhhh, no" until he finally admitted that he hadn't thought it yet. Damn! It will happen eventually. I must be patient.

I took very few pictures, and none with the friends I was with (so dumb) but here are some. Jenna bought the ride photo from the Tower of Terror ride. It's a HORRIBLE picture of me. I'm literally holding on for dear life and I look like I'm sobbing. It's not online yet, but I'm sure she won't spare me that humiliation. She did buy the thing afterall. And our friend Mark looks like he's going to punch someone's lights out in it.

the action shot from space mountain, my hair has a heavenly halo around it that can only be caused from flying through space!:
space mountain

award wieners:
award wieners

the swings have a really cute design of being inside of a halfway peeled orange:
orange peel swings

the california adventure part has a roller coaster that loops through mouse ears:
mickey mouse ears coaster

Not about the weekend, but I was watching American Idol tonight (ps, I called who would get booted and therefore will be able to lord that over people tomorrow at work!) and they said they raised over $70 million for charity last week. This inspired my friend David to muse that Comic Relief last year probably made a lot less. I looked it up. Holy shit was he right. Comic Relief only made $4 million !! And this article is acting like that's a lot. That show probably cost over a million bucks to produce. No wonder they don't do those anymore. Poor, boring and unfunny comic relief, I bet we never see another one of those.


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