three day weekends are exactly 50% better than 2 day weekends.
2007-05-29/12:23 p.m.

Finally a weekend at home. Mike still hasn't uploaded his florida photos, but I'm skipping ahead to a low key weekend spent at home. It was even three days, which ruled the school. As of last wednesday I was under the impression that I'd be working monday, so I hadn't even planned anything. So it was like a glorious second sunday in a row for me to do with what I wished (read: very little).

I was going to clean up the apartment some, but I have been so busy lately that I really just wanted to relax. Though I did clean our windows and sills and get out the window fan and install it. This means that summer is here. I also packed away the space heater which reiterates the point that summer is here. So, welcome summer! Now give me a tan please.

Friday night we had dinner plans and ate delicious Brazilian food. Afters, Mike's friend Rachel was having a birthday party at a bar up the street so I tagged along. It was on a "patio" (quotes because it wasn't outdoors) so smoking was allowed even though there were no windows etc.... I started to get kind of sick. I can't believe that I used to just be around smoke like that all the time. I don't miss you, time before the smoking bans started going into effect. I mentioned to Mike that I was starting to feel very gross in the throat and he agreed but he wanted to stay for a little while longer so I just hung back and waited. The next day I was actually hoarse and gross and feeling much worse than imagined. WTF?! Has my body gotten used to smoke-free air and now simply can't handle it at all? I was mainly worried for my asthma, but it's been a few days and I'm alright. Even Mike had throat issues on Saturday though.

I have to say, unless it's smallish bar and you can take it over and it's not loud or smoky- I have really grown to dislike bars as locations for birthday parties. Though if it's full of videogames like barcade, that's fine. My birthday is coming up and I'm kind of bummed since we can't really have people over and I don't want to have a bar thing. A guy at work mentioned karaoke in a small dive bar that also has a pool table and no smoking and that may be just the ticket. Last year I didn't do anything for my birthday so anything would be a step up I suppose. My friend James was recently punched in the face by a stranger after a karaoke outing, so I will keep in mind the karaoke dangers when planning this. (if you're in LA and you're a friend of mine, keep june 30th clear please...)

This saturday marks the 1 year anniversary of being in LA fulltime. Weird! Time flies and all that. We are considering staying, at least for another year, but it's undecided. At this point staying seems off but going back to NY seems weird. Limbo, I suppose. I'm sure we'll figure something out. My friend Stephanie rode in a cab on saturday night in Queens and the cab driver was getting a beej from a prostitute during the ride... this grossed me out and made me nostalgic for NYC all at the same time. (for those not in the know, our plan was to do 1 year in LA after mike graduated and then either move back to brooklyn or get rid of the brooklyn place and move our stuff out here- and now a year is upon us!)

I went shopping with Megan this weekend and there are no navy blue tights in the city of los angeles. BOOOOOOOOO. I am supposed to go to punk rock prom on wednesday and need them. I found brown, white, black..... tons of horrible leggings, but no navy blue. So annoying. I may rethink my outfit. However, when we were at urban outfitters there were two guys in line next to us who were being photographed by the paparazzi. I have no idea who the guys were. Maybe from entourage? I dunno, very generic white guys with curly hair.

And finally, the weekend was ended by seeing Paris JE T'aiME. Why isn't this movie getting more press here? Is it because it's mainly in french? Probably. My favorite short was by the run lola run director and had Natalie Portman in it. Mike's favorite was the Alexander Payne one, which I agree was very good. There were several terrible ones (the Cuaron one was seriously bad) but they're all short so that's nice. It's only like 92 minutes total for 18 shorts. One had the cutest little boy of all time in it. He had rosy cheeks and huge glasses and a gigantic backpack. Precious. The Gus Van Sant one was mainly skinny, messy haired guys taking off jackets slowly, smoking slowly and pouting. Surprise!


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