Vegetable corsages.
2007-06-04/4:51 p.m.

On Saturday Julie and I played videogames (I introduced her to WarioWare) and watched the spring dance episode of 90210. The best part of that episode turns out to be when Kelly gives Brandon a corsage made out of radishes and says "vegetable corsages are so hot!" I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. Were they trying to start a trend? All this time I thought the best part was all the Dylan sex, but I guess I was wrong.

Yesterday there was a Los Feliz street fair for me to celebrate my wonderful neighborhood. It was super fun! I got freshly made kettle korn and ate a big hot dog. (there will be pictures to accompany this post tonight) My favorite thing was the scientology booth in between two activist booths. That and the huge dinosaur moonwalk.

I also caught up on Top Model. Each season they make the girls act and then I die laughing. That's Mike's favorite episode too- he can ignore all of them but comes running when I say they're being forced to act. The season with cockney accents was truly a good time. Aussie accents this year! Glorious, mate.

One final note, I am looking for a job now. So, LA friends, if you hear of anything please let me know.


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