Getting your car key sent to you in the mail.
2007-06-21/11:45 a.m.

This happened on Tuesday night.

At about 10 or so Mike went out and checked the mail and came back with a nintendo controller that I had ordered. He handed that to me and then handed me another envelope that was made out to me but the return address was just the Delia's plant in Pennsylvania. I have not ordered clothing from Delia's since about 2001 so that was immediately weird.

The envelope clearly had something inside it that was not paper and it was taped closed. When I finally opened it all that was inside was a spare key to my car. The spare key that I had given to Mike months ago but that he thought was still sitting on the shelf by our door. No note, no nothing.

So, the question is, am I going to be murdered? How did this person get my key? Who are they? How did they know it was my key? I am freaked out a bit.

For work I am on a crew now, which is very interesting and like a boot camp reminding me how to use film equipment again. Working in offices has made me forget all about kino lights and c stands. This is perfectly timed too since I will be filming a ton of stuff in a few weeks and really should be in practice. The show is all about babies after they're born and so I'm very much on call depending on when women go into labor. I was supposed to shoot all day today but there was some complication and they weren't released from the hospital so I'm just in the office getting ready to make a run to Costco with the company card. That is my idea of a dream job!

The new Avril Lavigne song is very catchy and I kinda like it. Yeah, that's embarrassing but what can you do? It has a terrible video though. The best line is "she's like so whatever, you could do so much better" and it reminds me of the doctor Frank stuff that I've heard. For example, doesn't he have one that goes "I'm all yeah, but she's all no"? I hate the spoken part of the song though, but the rest is fine by me.

I was emailed about recapping a show this season and they mentioned that I could do Flava of Love, that pirate show, the new Paula Abdul show or Making the Band 4. I am leaning towards Flava since I saw seasons 1 and 2 and will most likely watch it anyway. Suggestions? I can also suggest a new one that will be starting soon. I know I Love New York is coming back but I don't know when. The Kathy Griffin show is also on but I really love that show and would not be able to make fun of it.


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