King of Kong!
2007-09-12/2:59 a.m.

Julie and I went to see King of Kong today and it RULED. I really loved this movie. It's a movie about the guys who hold the world record in Donkey Kong and their stories. It's really so good, but I don't want to spoil the story so I don't want to say much. It's barely playing here and we had to go out to Pasadena, but the theater was great and the movie was funny and you really get wrapped up in the story. There was one guy who was interviewed though, who seemed to be in prison and that was never explained. Odd. I should do research!

This past weekend I went to play kickball with strangers in a park. That was fun, but somehow it became 3:30 in the morning... yikes. Daireen and I got home late, and it was a bit weird hanging out with strangers all night. One guy wouldn't stop arguing and I got caught in that trap. He warned me ahead of time too. I am dumb. Daireen and I were on opposite teams for the game and she said that her team was afraid of me and called me "the one in black." Ahhh sports. I haven't been feared in so long. I feel like a teenager again.

Then I had a late night of some BBC Pride and Prejudice.
Oooh la la, Colin Firth and girl talk and wine. All good things!

Last night Kathleen and Marcy and I hit the tennis courts in west hollywood and tore it up, tennis skirt style. Only none of us wore skirts. Kathleen threatened me all week with her white tennis skirt only to remember that she had given hers to the salvation army. Whoops. I still have my blue one. I may bust that out later in the week. Playing reminded me how much I enjoy it. Why haven't I played since last summer? I'm dumb.

I really do have the best friends in the world. I've always known that, and I have them in several cities. I'm very lucky and I know it. Right now I'm caught between two cities that I like a lot, that have tons of people that I love in them. And two Kansas City friends are suddenly out here. Tucker called me tonight and I was so happy to hear from him. I miss him and Courtney a lot. So, things could be much worse! And I'm up for a job that could be awesome, so I am crossing my fingers, even though it would mess up my plans I think I can figure it out. Johnny gave some excellent advice that everyone else echoed, so I'm feeling pretty good about things. Oh, and by the way, we're married now. I took him pants shopping last week which made it official. The lady who helped us asked me if my boyfriend was able to find anything and before I was able to correct her he called for me from the dressing room. She just rolled her eyes like "men! can't live with em..." and I nodded back. So yeah, he's my new fake husband. He opted to stay in this house and rock my world.


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