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2007-10-03/4:28 a.m.

I actually had to leave NY, after too brief a stay, because of work taking me back to LA. It's a great job though, so I'm pretty excited! It's been really difficult and demanding so far though, hence my lack of posting. And my lack of everything else.

It was weird being back in Brooklyn and seeing how much has changed in the neighborhood. My gym isn't there anymore. Sad face. It was kind of weird and full of old men in weight belts but it was cheap and I kind of loved it. I wonder why it closed- it had tons of people with memberships. Something tells me that it was for shady reasons. But I do not know. I've been missing so many different foods, but then I got there and ate a bunch of bagels from the bagel store and not much else. I only really ate one meal a day, so that was part of the problem, but I also felt kind of overwhelmed with choices. I ordered anytime one night and it wasn't as delicious as I remembered. Damn nostalgia/times changing. There are also some places that I couldn't bring myself to go to because of memories. My memory can be a real detriment.

One more thing that has changed in my old neighborhood is North 6. North 6 is now called the Music Hall of Williamsburg or something and it's huge. It has bars on 3 levels, I think. I liked the old North Six (pout pout) but this wasn't a bad space. The sound wasn't great though. From what I recall the sound at North Six wasn't always great either. Here is a picture from the top level during Les Savy Fav's record release show:
the new north 6 is HUGE (look closely to see Fred Armisen playing the standing snare drums)

Seeing Cheeseburger there was fun, but weird seeing them in such a big place (and for such a big price... 20 bucks!). Mikki and I were a bit tipsy as we stumbled out, but Christy was straight up wasted (as always) and did a chant about how much I rule and then spilled some beer on me. He also introduced me to his girlfriend who seemed pretty fun (guess what, she's asian! oh christy, you are so predictable). Fritz Neuman has been sick lately so Mikki was bragging that he's lost some weight, and I had to agree since he really did look smaller when I first saw him. Then, like he was hearing us and wanted to prove us wrong, he flopped his belly out and stretched to look as enormous as possible:
fritz has lost some weight... i swear

On the way home I snapped a picture near Mikki's place. I really love New York, and miss it all the time. But I love a lot of places. I wonder what it's like to only live in one place your whole life and never know anything else. Maybe it's awesome? You'd never be missing the place where you're not.

I'm now officially bi-coastal... again. But this time I'm the boss which is a nice feeling. It's weird being so selfish and only worrying about myself all the time. It feels wrong, actually. I'm trying to take time out for my friends though, and that's nice. And I'm trying to plan a vacation for next year. It needs to be kind of inexpensive and somewhere Sharon wants to go too. Anyone can go but Sharon is the first to express interest. My friend Livy is trying to get me to visit her while she goes to school in Denmark, very near Sweden and boy is that tempting. If she finds some really cheap plane ticket I may have to jump at it. There will be no fun for now though, because work comes first and these people live here 24 hours a day so I don't have much freedom. I haven't even been able to watch my Rock of Love season finale so, you know it's serious.


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