TV is back!
2007-10-08/5:40 a.m.

Last week, Daireen and I (along with Daireen's friend Claudia) went to a psychic. I've had cards read before (by a lady who lived by my apartment on Grand street and by a reader who was at a work holiday party) and every time the person nails me exactly. Am I an easy read? Who knows. The office party one told me that an old man very close to me was going to die but it was his time and that it would be okay. 3 weeks later my grandpa died. This time it wasn't so drastic but she saw all kinds of darkness in my recent past and told me that I'm out of it for good and that I will be better off looking forward and not back at it. She also told me things about my career and how I've been kind of taking it easy for a year or so, but now it's back in gear and by next year I'll be reminding myself to take breaks and vacations. Sounds good! And it's already on that track, so maybe she's right. I am also surrounded by positive life forces now and now black holes who suck the life out of you- thank the lord. I never tell psychics anything, or give them anything to go off of just to see how much they get. I also let them tell me a few things from my past to see if they're right. She even said that the next guy in my life will be a Libra- very specific! I like that. I do not enjoy the vague kind of bs psychics. I told my PA at work about it and he said that he used to be an assistant to a famous psychic and the guy knew everything about people he'd meet and that it was creepily specific. The PA also said that he "honed his skill" by practicing every day. I have no idea what that means. I wonder how psychics practice- I bet it's odd or involves exercising the mind or something. On the way out I almost grabbed a flyer for a Wicca class because it was funny, but I forgot. I could learn wicca and then become buddies with Fairuza Balk, except that the psychic didn't see that happening. Darn!

Okay, on to new topics... like TELEVISION! It's fall which means it's new season time. Thank goodness for the dvr or I'd never be able to see anything. Of the new shows, I really have been loving Kid Nation and... hmm, I can't think of any other new shows that I'm loving. That Pushing Daisies show seems like it would be for me. It's very designy and pretty and artsy but it just looks boring as heck. I dvred it though so I may give it a shot anyway. Bionic Woman bored me to death as well. Gossip Girl, I never thought I'd say it but the books are much better. Wow. Kid Nation though, love it. I wish that the adults had less influence- in case you're not watching, the kids are living in a town and are in charge of it and run the show, but they have this "journal" left by "prospectors" in "1895" that helps guide them that is painfully not actually old and probably written by a PA every day. I kind of wish they'd just be left alone to come up with rules and order on their own as they see fit. I really like the teenager, Greg, that some kids think is a jerk. Also, he freaking killed two chickens and cleaned them for cooking. WHAT?!? He has skillz. Most adults both couldn't do that and wouldn't do that. I really can't stand Taylor and her "just deal with it!" yelling when she herself sucks. I was really happy when the other kids made her cry this week. Hmm, that sounds bad. Oh well, I can live with that. I also like that you only go home if you want to, no voting or backstabbing going on.

Of the returning shows, Ugly Betty has been really good- maybe even better than last year. My tv husband, Henry is on that one and he's coming back from Tuscon...oh yeah. The fake soap opera opening was killing me. 30 Rock was a bit awkward with the Seinfeld and the Bee Movie plugs but it still had some great jokes (Jack McBrayer is made to be Tracey Morgan's work wife, for starters) and there is some great funny/sad stuff about Liz and Floyd. It wasn't as great as some of the eps last season, but not bad at all. The Office though... ugh-city! I didn't laugh during this last episode at all I don't think. I mentioned that to Johnny and he was like "hmm, did I laugh? I don't remember anything funny..." which is a BAD sign! I really hate the Jim/Pam stuff even more than I did already. They just smile at each other all the time and it's lame. Also, it would be really annoying to date someone that you sit about 4 feet away from at work every day. And they are totally boring together and I don't care about them at all. The only storyline that I enjoy is that Jan is crazy... and that's barely in the show at all. The Dwight/Angela stuff was freaking horrible and not funny at all. He killed her sick cat that she loved... hilarious? I guess? I found it depressing and creepy. Kelly faking a pregnancy to get Ryan to talk to her- funny? I guess I'm just never going to be hooked by this show. Every time it comes close, it turns around and turns me completely off again. When Michael and Dwight drove into the lake and then screamed and ran around in the lake like idiots, I actually cringed with embarrassment for the show. Oh, I watched the Cavemen show and Carpooling. Let's see, I was all set for Cavemen to be the worst show ever made of all time and it was not, but it was still not good. Then Carpooling looked awful in the ads but was kind of funny. It unfortunately stars Jerry O'Connell though, oh wells. Bruce McCullough tends to rule and this one seemed like a huge misstep so I was relieved when it was pretty funny.

The Hills is getting good with Heidi finally talking about her creepy creeperson fiance and his rumor spreading ways. Johnny and I watched the Rock of Love finale, finally, and it was okay. His diabetus was all over the episode and I don't remember it being mentioned much before. Diabeeetus. Saying it like that makes me laugh, and that's how Bret Michaels kept saying it. Diabeetus. Spoiler alert! He picked Jes... the 23 year old who seems totally wrong for him. I actually felt bad for Heather and her porn hair when she left. Bret Michaels comes off as surpringly charming and down to earth, unlike the feeling you're left with when you watch Flavor of Love or I Love New York. Something tells me there will be a season 2 though where he goes through another set a girls because he still hasn't found the "one" yet. Reunion special dvred tonight and it seems like a good one. Lacey's crazy will be attending, that much is a given. The first episode of Top Model was insane and was very preachy and made the girls pose with things like mouth cancer and a collapsed lung- sexy. Tyra needs to get off of her pulpit and get back to the humiliating of young, unattractive girls everywhere. Johnny watched it with me and said "is every episode going to be like this?" when the preaching began. I sincerely hope not!


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