Control and Juno.
2007-12-14/11:47 a.m.

Last week Kathleen and I went to see the Joy Division movie, Control. Wooooo boy. It was like porn for us. Cute boys as far as the eyes could see! Boys in black and white, shirtless in jeans and converse. Oh lordy.

They wore sweaters and slacks and had choppy haircuts. Swooooooon. I literally had to fan myself at points.

The guitar player was super cute, as was the drummer. Ian was Kathleen's favorite, and we learned that he was a high fashion model before this. Makes sense. He was good though. The lady parts in the movie are not really very good, unfortunately. The movie was beautiful though. Beautifully shot and well thought out. Each frame was framed like a photograph. I love that kind of direction because I am artsy fartsy at heart.

All this image searching is bringing back the heart palpitations. Boys, cute boys, english boys, boys who play music, boys who are tortured. Mmm mmm, boys.

Then, this week, Johnny and I went to see Juno. I LOVED IT. (this may be spoilered) The Jason Bateman character was basically Johnny. He pulls out his old music collection and guitars and I'm like "oh my gosh, he's you!" and then he gets into his horror movie collection and I whisper "it's YOU!" Then he talks about his prom and they graduated from high school the same year- at this point Johnny whispered "he's exactly my age." HA! The character gets kind of crappy/stupid though, which I pointed out later how nice I am that I stopped mentioning their similarities at that point. Honestly, they ended at that point. I'm not just being nice. I cried during the movie, because, well.. because I am a crier. It's true. The Paulie character just does a very sweet and right thing, and it made me cry. It's rare that a boy just does the right thing, but when it happens it's so great. Waterworks. I'm a baby. I also have a minor crush on Michael Cera, and he's pretty significantly younger than me. That's a bit unsettling.

I would highly recommend seeing either of these movies. Control may not really appeal to someone who doesn't care about Joy Division though. Or cute boys.


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