The Mountain Goats- Sax Rohmer #1
2008-02-18/12:52 a.m.

Video nerds!

You need to watch the new Mountain Goats video. Not only is the new song very good, but the video is so so awesome. If you're a typography and lettering nerd, this is for you. It's so refreshing to see something done by hand and be so simple and amazing.

Here is the site for the new record (that comes out on Tuesday): Heretic Pride

If that link is choppy for, like it is for me when I try to watch the video, try here:
Sax Rohmer #1

They are playing here on March 5th and I'm VERY psyched. I don't even know why, since I have not enjoyed a mountain goats show in years, since the fratty types started taking over. I think it's because I really love this record a lot and it's gotten me re-interested. Johnny has been convinced to go but I warned him about the audience and he was shocked that this band would have a fratty following. It's shocking, but true, unfortunately.

I need to get my butt in gear on the videos I'm supposedly working on. This kind of inspiration helps!

"And I am coming home to you

With my own blood in my mouth

And I am coming to you

If itís the last thing that I do"


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