I fear that I may be dying.
2008-02-26/1:56 a.m.

Am I dying?

I have no insurance and haven't seen a regular doctor in 2 years, so I ask you, bananaseat reader- am I dying?

I set my alarm to wake up at 4:30pm today so that I could go play drums and then get some stuff done before heading back in to work.

I fell asleep immediately and then woke up at 9:30 pm, having slept through my alarm for FIVE HOURS and missed 4 phone calls. This is weird, right?

12 hours of completely uninterrupted sleep is weird, right? It's not normal, I'm pretty sure. And I have no recollection of dreams that I may have had or anything. Maybe I died for 12 hours? I'm really achey and tired now that I'm awake too. I even showered and drank some caffeine to reenergize, but no dice. I could sleep again right now.

I basically woke up, returned some phone calls, then showered and returned to work. A depressing schedule for sure. But it would be even more depressing if I'm in fact dying.

Oh, and my head hurts. It feels heavy and sore. Maybe I killed someone in my sleep and I had to head butt them?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you're a doctor.


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