2008-02-27/1:08 a.m.

Now, I like SNL as much as anyone. Meaning, I like a few sketches on each episode and then complain about the rest of it and take a snack break during the musical guests 75% of the time.

But this week's was so funny. I was actually at home, half asleep, by myself, cracking up laughing to a bunch of it.

My favorite was this commercial for a fake birth control that only gives you one period a year:

(seriously, watch it, it's short and VERY worth it. I just showed it at work and people wanted to see it again)

It's kind of nice that there are enough ladies, especially with a lady hosting, that they can do segments like this. I couldn't find it on youtube and embed it unfortunately.

A good monologue featuring a teleporting Steve Martin: Monologue

I love Tina Fey and I love Steve Martin- this is a monologue made with me in mind!

Also, anytime Keenan does a Charles Barkley impression, I'm laughing. I don't care how bad the premise is. One of the best sketches from this season was this random throw-away at the end of an episode making fun of Sundance's "Iconoclasts" with Charles Barkley (Keenan) and Bjork (Kristin Wiig) hanging out in a Cheesecake Factory. That sketch would appeal to like 10 people, but I'm one of those 10 people, so I was CRYING throughout. Too bad it wasn't popular enough that someone put it up online.

Even Mike Huckabee was funny on the news. And Tina Fey's news segment for women was hilarious. I was a happy customer. And now it's on the dvr for Johnny to watch when he gets back on Saturday so I can watch the annuale again with a friend.


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