ipods for you and for me.
2008-03-31/4:01 a.m.

I broke my ipod. It was so stupid but it was a 3rd generation ipod that I got back in 2004, so I guess you could say that the first one served me well. I got this jacket at christmastime that has shallow pockets. I kept putting the ipod into it (and mind you this ipod is old and big and in it's big old case. in fact, my ipod was so old that it came with a case and a dock and chargers and a remote etc... the good old days) and then it would fall out and I'd be surprised.

This happened at least 5 times. The last time it happened I was in the grocery store in NYC getting the last of the food items before my Popular and Hot Chocolate soiree. It still played okay, but it wasn't the same. For instance, a clicking sound happened from time to time, for starters.

Then, later, it started rapidly scrolling through songs without me able to control it. Then the hard drive died. NOOOOOOOO. I was so hesitant to buy an ipod when they first came out and waited until tons of my friends already had one. I think Kim had hers for like 2 years before I gave in (and got one as a present from my family... who had forgotten my birthday the year before). I was like "I don't get it? What's so great about an ipod?"

Then mine died and I was LOST. How would I ever fly on planes again? Walking around NYC? Forget about it! Would I be expected to listen to the radio when I drove around LA? Impossible!

My friend Scott works for Apple and he laughed at how old my ipod was and just told me to get a new one and not bother to try and fix it. A new one? I hadn't paid attention to the ipod technology of the last 4 years. I was shocked to say the least.

Number 1, the smallest classic is 80 gigs. When I got my 40 gig it was crazy big and stupid and unnecessary. Now they come in 160 gig size. My computer hard drive is not even that big. Holy cow.

Scott ordered me up an 80 gig one and had it shipped to me with his discount, so the whole thing was less than 200 bucks. Not too shabby. Then it showed up and I was blown away at how small it is. I am afraid that I'll break it every day. I even got a slick case with screen cover, to hopefully protect it.

The old one looked like this:

The new one looks like this:

It weighs 5 ounces! That's insane. Also, it doesn't come in white anymore. Boooo. That actually really annoys me. I want my headphones to match and I want those commercials with the white cord and ipod to make sense. I loved the white. I have the white ibook. I want white!

I am terrible at working this one and can't seem to touch the wheel right, but I'm getting better. It's insane to me how much these things have changed in just a few years. Also, how pricing has changed. I hope this one lasts 8 years. I've learned my lesson, hopefully, even though I totally put the new one in the same jacket pocket when I was walking on Friday night. However, I noticed quickly and moved it. Close call!


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