I am a big time movie star. (not really)
2008-05-17/1:25 a.m.

Holy crap. I have forgotten to post anything in here for a while. Once I get out of the habit it's hard to remember. Sorry I haven't been around to review the 90210 repeats that I was watching or talk about the newest Degrassi. It's a real shame.

So, all spring I was working on Big Brother for CBS. The main positive of that was that I worked on a lot in LA. A lot! I am like a child in my wonderment at stepping on lots. I love them all. There is something that doesn't seem real about any of the ones I've ever been on which is basically the Paramount one and now the two CBS lots.

It's just so exciting! It's like watching Pee-Wee's Big Adventure but living it. I know that it's kind of lame to be so excited about it, but I didn't grow up in LA. I find LA to all be a kind of weird movie set, so to step on a real set is even more bizarre. The best is that CSI-NY filmed on the same lot so there was a fake subway car by our exit... but then someone told me that it was from when Seinfeld and Will and Grace filmed on the lot.

All of the streets are named after things that filmed there in the past:
work picture.

My grandpa would be so psyched to know that I'm on the old Gunsmoke lot. There's just something about working on a lot that I like. It's like you're actually part of the old Hollywood magic and not making what Entertainment Weekly called one of the skankiest shows on television. So, I feel a little less like I'm wasting my life and a little more like I have a pretty fun life.

One night I was walking out of the parking garage and a PA approached me telling me to silence my cell phone because Samantha Who was filming right in front of me. It's like I have an actual career going! It's also neat to just walk through rows of houses and hotels and facades and fake park areas that you know you've seen in tons of movies and tv shows just to get to work. That magic of movie making. It's all fake!

Our office also overlooked the LA "river" which is a total sham:
LA "River"

That's what I call a drainage ditch. One night I was warned against using the back stairs because it smelled like raw sewage in the river. Um.... that doesn't seem legal or okay. So, it's both a sham and gross.

So that sums up the spring for my job. I have a ton of other things to write about so hopefully I keep doing that regularly. This will be the summer of writing for me. I promise.


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