At heart, I am still a 16 year old girl.
2008-05-30/12:40 a.m.

What is the deal with Ilan from some old season of Top Chef? Seriously. He's so good looking. Like, way better looking than anyone I've ever seen on reality tv before. I have a bit of an unhealthy love for him, and I didn't even watch his season. I've seen a few episodes though, which were enough for me to know that 1. he's very hot and 2. he can cook food. YAY!

Here he is on the right:



He was on Top Chef this week, as a past winner (aww, he's so talented) and I was a bit over the top in my excitement at seeing him. Thankfully, no one else was here. I told Ann tonight (we were watching our weekly dance shows) and she was shocked because apparently he was a jerk on the show. Drat! But she said he mainly made fun of Marcelle a lot. Well, I don't like Marcelle either so I feel that we have the kind of lasting bond that could lead to a very solid relationship. Call me, Ilan! And then cook me dinner and then kiss me on the lips.

In looking up these photos I have learned that he was only 25 (if the internet is correct) when he won Top Chef. Holy crap, he's younger than me. That's fine. I'll deal with it.

*I told Kelly Lynn about this and her first reaction to the first picture is that he looks like Eugene. Interesting... they do have similar styles and are both very cute. I would like them to have a cook off (similar to a dance off) to determine which is the best human being.

Also, Harold (he won the first season of Top Chef?) is really sexy. If he would just put on some glasses he would rival Ilan for my affections, but something about him is sexier. Ann thinks Harold is the better catch... maybe so. Top Chef is really hording the cute guys. Jeez. Julie loves Tom Collichio (I have no idea how to spell that) as well she should. He rules. Perhaps Top Chef is to straight women while Project Runway is to gay men- a treasure trove.

Yeah, Harold should also call me. Whomever calls me first wins! I have created personalities for them both in my mind that make me like them even more. So please, when you call, be prepared to live up to outlandish expectations.


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