An Epic Day.
2008-06-16/2:56 p.m.

Some days living in New York is really as great as they make it seem in movies. Days like Saturday, for example.

I watched a bit of the euro cup with my sister and then headed into the city to see the band Tullycraft play an in-store at the Cake Shop on ludlow. They're a Seattle band who rarely tours or anything so I was really excited. (see above photo) They are three cute boys and one cute girl who sing songs about Kansas (yes!) and fun and love. They're extremely sweet and even though they weren't wearing matching sweater vests, I was smitten. You may hate it... but I love it. Kelly Lynn and I got there 20 minutes early which proved to be very smart. By 2, when they were to start, it was packed. We had a great spot right up front and they played all the songs I love and it was so great to dance in the a/c with a bunch of strangers who knew all of the words.

When they finished we walked outside and ran into Frank unlovable and Patrick and Jenni who had been watching from the back. Frank was all "let's go get tacos and drink margaritas!" (at 3pm) so we headed to San Loco, around the corner. We drank fresh limeades while Frank got his frozen margarita fix. We killed time there for a little while then Kelly Lynn and I broke off and went to economy candy to buy english candy and for her to get her candy button fix. i've never seen an adult so excited to pull teeny bits of sugar off of pieces of paper as Kelly Lynn is.

When we walked out it had gone from hot and sunny to very cloudy. As we walked it started to thunder and lightening and sprinkle. We made the choice to walk 20 blocks, even as it started to pour because it was so much fun. It was a real thunderstorm with big, fat, raindrops coming down. When we got to 3rd avenue the rain was stopping and the street was closed for a street fair. So we ate crepes and walked around, while street fair people started packing up due to the weather. Since it was so hot, the rain was really great.

We went to trader joe's so I could get groceries and while we were checking out the rain came back.... as torrential downpours. It was insane. People were refusing to leave the Trader Joe's vestibule because it was so bad. We had less than half a block to the train station so we just grabbed the grocery bags and ran it as fast as we could. Less than a minute later we were in the train station, looking like we just took a shower in our clothes. We repeated the scene again to get to my apartment. People were waiting in the train station for the rain to stop (I wonder how long it took them before they gave up). Fools! Running in the rain today was one of the best things ever!

When we got inside we had to change all of our clothes because we were drenched, but it was worth it.

And then we worked on two songs, which are almost done now and I think they're pretty good. The weather stayed bad so we did that while making sure my place wasn't going to flood. Then we watched like 4 hours of degrassi while talking about the x-files.

Saturday was amazing. I loved every minute of it.

"she's breaking hearts and selling secrets tonight!"


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