Tom Sellekz.
2008-07-17/1:27 a.m.

My friend Steve wants to try and start a new internet trend: LOLTomSellekz. A-la LOLcats. Some friends have done some hilarious ones to get the ball rolling and I'm posting it here to light the internet ablaze (well, starting small with this site and then working up to, i don't know, something like perez hilton in the future).

You get the point. If you have an awesome idea for one, make it and spread it around the internet! Or, send it to me and it will go up on the site:

Just like LOLcats, I find myself preferring the ones that aren't covered in spelling errors (because I am a fuddy duddy) but I am generally enjoying them because they're so ridiculous.

The best LOL cat, again, here for your enjoyment and mine:

Pass it on!


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