Summer's art projects.
2008-07-24/4:46 p.m.

I haven't worked steadily in 2 months but here are some random projects I've done.

toys that kill flyer

That is for a Gilman show next month. I think maybe I've stared at it too long but I don't love it anymore. I loved it on Monday and then on Tuesday I was over it. Gilman has so much text to put on flyers, it bugs me. I did pretty much all of this by hand, except the coloring.

I am laying out two stories for go metric, and doing two illustrations. I can't post those because you have to get it when it comes out! (or I will post them after it comes out so you can read them as well)

We found out that a cropped version of this will be on the back cover of the Sleeveface book. Hooray for us!:

for artisan books, to be released october 2008

Here are the three best photographs that i took for the cover (which aren't being used but may be in the book now):

arms crossed

sleeveface- prince record

stephanie is john travolta

I wish that I could have listened to that John Travolta record. Imagine the gems on it! Also, the back cover is him, with his jeans undone, and shirt open, with his chest hair blowin' in the breeze. Stephanie's older office mates were going nuts over it. Travolta has still got it.


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