Soccer and Cookies.
2008-08-07/3:50 p.m.

On Monday night I started a new thing where I go to McCarren park and play soccer for a few hours. It was fun! It was a bit weird at first because I only knew one guy there and he and I had only met for about 5 seconds on Saturday. Then I found out that he didn't know that many people playing either because his friends didn't show up so he joined some other guys.

It was fun though, and the guys were all fun to play with. No one was being super aggressive and no one was taking it too seriously. It was a bit of a bummer that I was the only lady who showed up, but not a big deal.

At one point a ball was kicked far away and someone went to fetch it. While he was away, four of the guys got into a conversation about chocolate chip cookies. One of the guys read the piece in the NY Times in July about the best chocolate chip cookies and then decided he had to make them. The other guys were so jealous that he had the dough chilling in his fridge as we played. He explained that the recipe calls for both cake flour and bread flour, but the main difference was that you chill the dough for 36 hours before baking them.

"What if you go through all that and then it turns out the dough isn't very good??" asked one of the guys.

"After a few hours I did a test batch of 2 cookies to make sure they were fine. They were good, so let's see what 36 hours does."

"Where did you get the chocolate?"

"It's like 15 dollars worth of fancy dark chocolate," he replied.

"God, I can't wait to eat them!"

These are late 20s/early 30s straight guys playing soccer in Brooklyn on a Monday night. Later I asked the guy if he was making them for any reason (my thinking was a special occasion or a girlfriend or something) and he said "they're supposedly THE BEST chocolate chip cookies. How could I not make them?!?" "Fair enough," I answered.

"Ever since I saw the recipe in the Sunday Times, I've been obsessed with making them. I'm finally doing it." (it was in the times less than a month ago, to put that into perspective)

Then they guys started talking about other things they've baked that turned out really well and how psyched they were about it. I have to say, this talk made me like the guys more than I already did. Now I want to hang out with them more. Getting exercise can be fun!

And here is the recipe for those who were wondering:
Ultimate Cookies!


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