year of fun is a pretty good time.
2008-08-26/12:30 a.m.

I have been really making a point to have more fun this year. Last year was crappy. And June 2006-June 2007 was maybe the worst year of my life. Since then things have been looking up in great ways, but mostly things have just been really different. Different routines and different jobs and different friends and different priorities. I deemed this year the year of fun but sometimes I have failed to make it as fun as possible. Here are some fun things I did manage to come through on though:

JERSEY SHORE! Kelly Lynn and I got to drive down with Ali to her parent's house by the shore one Tuesday night. It was perfect, no traffic at all on the way down, no throngs of people at the beach, but definitely tall frozen margaritas at chili's and lunch from sonic. YES YES YES! We're hoping to do this again while Ali is in town on not on tour with her new band (the Vivian Girls) and before my new job starts.

i kind of love this one- the ferris wheel looks great in the fog

we became friends.  officially.

Then two weekends ago a group of us did a Brooklyn scavenger hunt. I've never done a scavenger hunt and always considered it an empty hole in my life. I'm not even kidding. And while they've changed with new technology (digital cameras have replaced polaroids, everyone has a cell phone etc...) it was still a total blast. It was me, Kelly Lynn, Patrick and Becky and we were Team Toothpaste (click on any photo to see all of them on my flickr page):


It was difficult to cram the four of us into this photobooth- but I really love how they look.

We came in second place to a team that did a lot of underhanded things (underhanded things were encouraged) while we ran a clean hunt. No cheaters on Team Toothpaste. The team that won actually saw another team get out of a car and then broke in to steal the cell phone left on the seat so they wouldn't have it for the rest of the hunt. We are not that kind of team. We're the helpful type that gave away ten PBRs this day.

I have also seen some bands this summer. Last week I got to see Best Friends Forever, who were on tour from Minnesota. I have liked them for a while but I liked them even more after seeing them live. Seriously, go to their myspace and listen to "Handpocket" or "Eisenhower is the father" and let them win you over. Handpocket is basically about how this girl fell into a frozen lake, but lived, so now she's alive and she can fall in love with you. I love it!

On my band front- we are up to nearly 7 songs now, so soon we're going to have to deal with actually playing in front of people and recording some things. Meanwhile, we have a very bare bones myspace page up, just waiting for some songs to be added. I am worried about playing and being a "real" band but I'm also pretty excited.

And then I got a job on a new food network show. I start in September and it's an excellent position with ladies that I really enjoyed meeting. I wanted the job so badly after meeting with them, so I was happy to get it. WOO! Career and fun. Who woulda thunk it.


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