I love television! (yeah yeah, it's old news)
2008-09-08/1:16 a.m.

Lately I have had some free time during the weekdays. Even work is at my own pace and mostly from home (next week this all ends) so I've gotten into the bad habit of sleeping until noon every day (this is my kind of bad habit, hopefully it keeps me young and wrinkle free!) and scheduling my time around key television programming. Suddenly I am awash in television that I actually want to watch during the day.

Firstly, ABC Family shows Gilmore Girls repeats from 5-6pm everyday. Last week we got into the Chris Eigeman episodes, sighhhhh!. Yeah yeah, most viewers didn't love the "Digger" character but I don't fucking care. I love Chris Eigeman, even when he's playing scoundrels. You might say I love him MOST when he is playing scoundrels. I don't care. I am in Heaven. I even texted my friend Hannah, who shares my crush, to let her know to tune in. And yes, I am an adult. If Adam Brody was teenager me's ideal man, Digger could be a man for adult me. At least for a little while. He's so sexy! Even with dumb facial hair. He's smart and funny and yes yes yes. How lame am I? Well, I took a photo of my tv screen....


From 5-7pm everyday SoapNet shows 90210. This has always been true and got me through some rough times last summer. However, they are right at the end of season 1/beginning of season 2 right now. PERFECT! I don't really see what I saw in this show when I was 13, but it is a comfort anyway, if in nostalgia alone. How did I ever love Dylan?? He wears Skidz! Remember Skidz? I know Kim remembers them. He wears them practically every episode of the first season (before they realized he should be kept in jeans and white tshirts) paired with southwestern print shirts and a hoop earring. Be still my heart! He also clearly spends 1 hour + per day doing his hair. Teenage girls have the worst taste in men, and I was no exception. This week I got the excellent episode where Brenda starts to make out with Dylan again after his surfing accident while most of REM's Green plays. Wooo!

This is just what we all looked like in high school, right? Most of my friends don't even look this aged now! Andrea... were there really no nerdy girl under 30 to cast? Let me go dig up my silk business suit and then run to Algebra class!

Also, on Labor Day there was a "BFFs" marathon and friends came over and we grilled and watched. It was so fun! So much to make fun of. So many great silk shirts and old lady dresses (and NOT just on Andrea!). Brandon is such a jerk. Booo, hiss. Luckily, when I start working a ton, they will be out of the "Digger" storyline and the 90210s will be closing in on the summer in France. No thanks!

And then I also have my Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I'm hooked! I watch the repeats on Bravo and the repeats on TBS. I want to sleep on Detective Goren's chest and let him relax for once! That's Vincent D'onofrio's character in case you're not obsessed like I am. He's so smart and huggable. I'm not psyched about the news that Goldblum will be replacing Chris Noth on the show, but we'll see. I like trying to solve fake crimes! (Kenny, if you're reading this, I saw one today about a vlogger being kidnapped! The vlogger was played by Michelle Trachtenburg and the premise was so ridiculous. You might enjoy it.)

If that wasn't enough, SciFi shows the X-Files at 2am and they're at the end of Season 1 now. Ahhhh, memories. It's making me want to buy the seasons (especially now that they're so much cheaper than when they first came out). I have my VHS tapes but let's be serious- I never watch those. I never even pull them out of the closet. Watching these repeats (and seeing the movie) reminded me that this was one of the best shows ever made. Mulder and Scully will always have a place in my heart.

I was actually talking to Eugene recently about how there isn't much good tv on now. There are things I will watch, yes, but not a lot that I think is really well done. Especially in the hour long variety. It's gotten pretty sad. The only hour long thing he watches is L O S T http://bananaseat.diaryland.com/060821_81.html (oh god, I've become a person who types it out like that) and I watch that (mainly with him, because I think it's kind of lame) and Ugly Betty. Oh, and I kind of watch Gossip Girl. I don't really keep up or care, but I have watched a few when they were rerunning this summer. I tried out the new 90210 this week... meh. If I'm bored enough I'm sure I'll watch it again but I'm not hooked. I mainly liked the references to the old show and then lost interest. There are more 30 minute shows, yeah, but not many. 30 rock and the Hills... and I try to catch My Boys on TBS from time to time. Wow. No wonder I watch so many reruns!

There used to be so many more hour long shows. When I lived with Kim and Michelle we regularly watched at least a few of the following: Popular, Buffy, the Xfiles, Felicity, Freaks and Geeks, Gilmore Girls, Dawson's, and I'm sure some things I'm forgetting. Now I don't think I could even name that many hour long shows that aren't reality shows. That might be because in 2000 Big Brother premiered here and Survivor was around then- 99? or 2000? I love reality tv! Love it! But I would like more of a balance.

I told Sarah that I've been watching the GG/90210 rock block every day that I can and she said "what a full life you have," all sarcastic like. Whatevers. It's something! I'm bad at carving out a routine for myself so this will have to do.

Next! My last (sad face) adventure at the old, skanky, and wonderful Coney Island. Did a carny steal my cell phone? Yeah, it apepars so. How fitting.


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