Fun Times Abound.
2008-10-23/5:46 p.m.

Oh my goodness, that depressing entry about Molly has been up for nearly a month. Sad.

I shall get that off the homepage thusly!

On Tuesday night I enjoyed a very New York evening (oh god, do I sound like loathed Carrie Bradshaw right now?). My friend Benji had a last minute CMJ show added at Piano's so I decided to go. Kelly Lynn and new work friend Karey came with and it was a good time. Kelly Lynn and I got margaritas there that were huge and served in a pint glass. So much tequila!

Benji was great and played a lot of the slower songs because he had a sax player with him that night. Karey said it was like being at a High School "Under the Sea" dance and she was totally right.

Then we took off and ate awesome food at a little italian hole in the wall. While there another friend texted me about a Cheeseburger/Vivian girls show happening at some bizarre venue that isn't even real. We got the address and Kelly Lynn and I decided to walk to that and see what was going on.

While walking from the Lower East Side to the West Village I was telling her about my crush on Ilan (from Top Chef) (see here) and how I got some information recently that makes me wonder if he's less attractive than I originally thought- stay tuned, this will be important in a moment.

A few blocks later we walked by a movie shoot- the new Keira Knightly movie- filming in a restaurant- this is what it's like living in a big city (almost never) Then I froze... Kelly is all "what??" and I tell her that I think Ilan is across the street. She, being a huge loud mouth, screams "ILAN!!!!" and he turns around. We wave and he blushes, puts his head down and briskly walks away from us. Excitment! Not exactly a seduction scene, but fun nonetheless.

We got to the new space after cheeseburger had played but before the Vivian Girls, so we watched them and ignored the free beer and red bull offers. I ran into a guy I used to work with at Rockstar, who recorded me making fake orgasm sounds and we both died of embarrassment. Ahhh, horrible (yet hilarious) memories.

The cheeseburger boys told me they're premiering their new video and playing in costumes on Friday night so I'm going. Look at me, I have a life!

Then Kelly and I met up with our friend Frump back to my place where we stayed up late talking about crap and laughing. Fun! Hallie was also on our train home (we didn't see her but Frump did) and it made me have one of those moments of neighborhood pride where I think that I really have it good and that I like the space I've carved out for myself.

I definitely have it good and don't want to take anything for granted. I can't stop laughing this week, and that's a good thing.

And then today my friend Chadd showed me this. I don't always love dinosaur comics but this one made me cry first thing this morning (laughter tears):

Hilarious! My heart has so many boners over this comic.

And last week I saw this video and cried from laughing so hard. It's the video for "Take on Me" by A-Ha, redone to literally explain what's happening in the video. You're welcome:


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