I really am a nerd, aren't I?
2008-12-13/4:34 a.m.

The Snuggie:

My first thought: What the shit is this?? Why can't you talk on the phone when you have a blanket on, I've never had a hard time with that.

My second thought: I wonder if grandma would want one.

What am I doing up at 4:30am, you ask. Well, I am actually watching episodes of Murphy Brown from when she was with the Scott Bakula character, Peter. These first aired when I was a teenager and helped me get a good crush on Scott Bakula. Yes, I am a nerd who has always been a sucker for these sorts of "romances."

(Go here to see some awesome fan-art from that time: -Scott Bakula Fan Art- that I happened upon during my google image searching)

Another good example of something I have been a sucker for since puberty is the love story found in the movie "Broadcast News." It's a depressing movie where people love the wrong people and never get it right.... and that's my idea of totally great apparently. Holly Hunter's best friend is smart and funny and in love with her and she goes for the dumb, pretty one who turns her on... and breaks her heart. And then she ends up with no best friend and no William Hurt but a totally rockin' career. Lord. I realize this is a bad fantasy to have, but here we are. A better thing to wonder would be why 13 year old me found this movie to be so romantic and swoony. Perhaps I've been an embittered, loveless career woman from birth.

I am glad that TV Land has taken to showing Murphy Brown and reminded me of my old crushes that I had long forgotten. I am equally glad anytime a network shows Broadcast News and I can get my heart broken over and over again (hey! it's like life!).

Excerpt from a conversation had last year:
(someone says something about steve martin)
Me: I used to have such a crush on him, when he'd play the banjo it was so sexy.
Johnny: (pause) Uh wow, you really are a nerd, aren't you?

Perhaps my life would be less complicated if I found muscles or something attractive.


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