highways and los angeles.
2009-01-30/6:04 a.m.

In the last week there have been several horrendous accidents on the LA freeways. At odd times of the night, when I have either just gotten to work or am about to leave. These are accidents that are closing roads for nearly 12 hours and ending with fatalities on the news.

Is this always happening and I just wasn't as aware because I was never driving on freeways? WTF? Yesterday someone got on the 10 going the wrong way, then drove as fast as possible, slamming into cars going the right direction... at 5:13am. WHAT. THE. SHIT?!?!

Also, in my first week back I totally missed a movie because traffic was completely stopped on the 101 for something like an hour and a half and I have no idea how to get to burbank through surface roads. Whatta welcome back, los angeles.

I am now very scared when I'm driving. I'm being very careful to do things like get on the highway going the right direction.


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