he's just not that into this rain in LA.
2009-02-09/2:11 p.m.

For some reason I keep waking up early by accident. I mean, I'm not planning it but then it happens. Part of the problem seems to be falling asleep early by accident. I suppose it's cyclical.

I am on hiatus from work and getting ready to leave on a cruise to Mexico. This seems particularly well timed now that it's been raining here like crazy and the news just warned of a big storm tonight and later. I am actually leaving LA to escape more rain. Sounds made up.

How do I get ready? Well, I pack, and then of course, I watch "terms of endearment" on HBO and cry. Why? God, why. I accidentally did that one too. I need more structure to avoid things like this.

On friday night I was supposed to go to orange county but rain/weather/idiots on the road kept me from it. Then Kathleen called all "let's go see he's just not that into you." Then Johnny was all "let's go get some food." And then, before you knew it, five of us were going to see He's Just Not That Into You and eating pizza. The best plans perhaps come at the last minute?

Now, I read the book and I HATED it. In fact, let me refresh your memory: http://bananaseat.diaryland.com/070126_20.html So this is a movie based on a book that was based on a line said in one episode of Sex and the City. That is a grim look at the way the entertainment industry works! However, the movie had very little connection at all to the book aside from the title and people saying the title a few times.

I didn't hate the movie as much as I expected that I would. I didn't like it much either though. But it had laughs in it. There are few likable people/characters and few good storylines, but it wasn't totally awful. Johnny liked it! He actually liked it! You know who else liked it? The teenaged girls in the crowd. Holy crap, they were GASPing! and SQUEEEing! and OMGing! and drumming their feet on the ground in anticipation. That was maybe my most favorite part of the movie.

The overall message of the movie was terrible as well. I don't want to spoil too much as it just came out though. But I really need to up the crazy, at least right up front, if I ever want to win over the asshole of my dreams.

"What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?" - "keep it to yourself."

"I have passed some line, some place. I'm beginning to repel the people I'm trying to seduce."

Broadcast News was on when I woke up early yesterday, in case it's not obvious. My attention span is all outta whack.


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