Alexander McQueen for.... Target??
2009-03-03/1:49 a.m.

I was at Target today trying to track down my new holy grail-

I found only 4 plates, and no two-tiered tray so I will have to remain persistent.

However, my friend Heather and I were in the ladies clothing when I saw some skinny legged, hot pink and black spandex pants that zip up the side (with matching bathing suit). I made a joke about them and then realized they were Alexander McQueen... what?? And this is how I learned that Alexander McQueen is doing a line for Target. There is plenty of mesh and spandex to be seen! I guess this will be drawing a high fashion type into Target now? I will say that I got a button up shirt that's totally cute and really normal, but totally out of his usual realm. There is nothing particularly fashionable about it (and hence why it fits in perfectly in my wardrobe- har har).

That green dress is pretty cute but I can't wait until the suburban ladies across this country are wearing short shorts and over sized blazers. Hot Look!

I love Target and I love that they get great designers but this one is standing out as odd to me right now. Will models now be in Targets buying cat litter and oversized packages of toilet paper on the cheap? Was this a demographic they've always been missing?

Hopefully the men's department will get a taste of it as well. Every man needs some skinny jeans so tight that they look like long underwear.


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