the marshmallows, we are so great.
2009-03-07/2:37 a.m.

the marshmallows! we're your new favorite band, haven't you heard? the hottest new thing to hit the airwaves, even though we only have 4 recorded songs and they were done on the easy and cheap.

Get with it!

demo cover

I made that cover to make myself laugh. And boy is it successful! Horse sketches, haha. But then a PA at work was all "I get it, marshmallows are made from horses! hahahah!" and I was like "oh, you are giving me too much credit." Because that thought had not occurred to me. I just thought i was girly and looked like a 12 year old in 1986 would make it.

You can listen to the songs on myspace if you like as well.

We should have some shows coming up as summer approaches. Who knows. I don't even know where I live, so I certainly don't know much.

Also, 30 rock has been really funny this season. Goodnight.


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