Playing Catch-up.
2009-05-11/4:30 p.m.

Whoa, I have been neglectful.

1. I am back in NYC.

2. I've been producing on the second season of "Chopped" for the Food Network but I wrapped on that last week (hence the free time).

3. I have insurance now!! Hallelujah. My last insurance ended in the spring of 2006. I now get prescriptions for 5-10 dollars and pinch myself to make sure it's really happening.

4. I am a half time resident of CA and NYC. Taxes were a pain in the ass.

5. Sharon moved to LA two days after I left. We are like ships passing in the night.

6. I saw a man in a tuxedo holding a subway sandwich which I just went to the grocery store to buy paper towels.

7. My super just came to fix my bathroom sink and literally pulled out 1 pound of hair. it was horrifying! He hadn't cleaned the drain since before I lived here (2004) and so I don't think it was all me. He has installed a better thing in the sink that will catch things in the future.

8. My dream of having an in-home washer/dryer were just dashed by the same super. He said it's not fair to the other tenants and that I might hog the water. Drats! Time to come up with a new dream.

9. My grandma made me new curtains and they arrived today. I have not hung them yet but I love them!! She hung them in her own windows before sending them just as a test. She was proud of them. She should be, they are cute as heck!!

10. I bought myself an early birthday present of orla kiely bath and bed stuff. It had to be shipped from England but somehow arrived in 4 days and is so so pretty. I now never want to leave the bed area. When the place is in order and cleaned up I will take some photos.

11. The Marshmallows are making shirts, playing a bunch of shows and probably recording a 7". That means that we're a real band, y'all. REAL. Watch for the plugs soon. Shows on May 23rd and May 27t at Lost and Found in Greenpoint (Free).

12. I am going to be 30 next month and will start some project of photos and writing to document the year. I don't think 30 is a big deal, I was just looking for something to knock me into gear and get me on a better schedule with my own creative work. That is as good a time as any.

I feel like that pretty much sums things up. I have been so busy with work that I had little time for anything else but now that it's over I am catching up. I have spring cleaned the apartment, ordered some cute clothes online, started a workout regimen and grilled once. Woo! Time to clean this place from top to bottom and then get a new job.


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