The Marshmallows, Wolverine and Sandwiches.
2009-05-25/3:38 p.m.

The Marshmallows are on a Memorial Day podcast!

"Memorial Day Jersey Beat Podcast - with the Marshmallows, Teen Idols, Golden Bloom, Cage The Elephant, The Brooklyn What, The Fave, and lots more -"

Sweet! It's the 48 second song "Hoboken" from our demo. Sharon loves that song and told me that we should double it because it's so short. I had to sadly inform her that it is currently doubled. She was then out of ideas. Haha. Also listen to the new Hextalls song about our friend Mark Wilson and the Full of Fancy song about our friend joe.

Also, we're playing on Wednesday night (two nights from now) at Lost and Found in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

I think that we'll be going on first. It will be fun! The one this past Saturday was fun too and the other bands were great. International Espionage from Minnesota puts on a great live show- everyone should try to see them.

Yesterday Ann and I saw the Wolverine movie and we really liked it. I can see why people hated it. Whatever, it was fun and it had a lot of man beefcake to look at. I also never read the comics and so I am not that concerned with being true to the story. The acting was really good for an action movie like this. Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber are talented guys.

Even the parts that were super cheesy (the old couple...) made me laugh and the parts that were just plain dumb (sending that gun guy to kill him while they're saying back at base that guns don't kill him...) also made me laugh. I even liked the action parts.

Hugh Jackman is so ridiculous looking in it! He really earned that money. He transformed his entire body. (he'll always been cute though)



It must be so weird to be married to an actor or actress who has to change their entire look for a role every so often. At 41 he looks different than he's ever looked. I wonder if he's lost 50 pounds since shooting that movie.

When he was running around naked in the movie the ladies in the theater were delighted. Also, the farmer is all "cover it up with this" and hands him some cloth- no doubt meaning "cover up your weiner with this" and then qualifies it with "don't wanna give the missus a heart attack." Everyone laughed. Later Ann said it was because his extreme hotness in the nude might give her a heart attack.

And I don't even like guys with muscles.

After the movie we ate Cambodian sandwiches that were AMAZING!!! It's a new stand on 12th street. I got the pork belly special and Ann got coconut tiger shrimp. I could eat there everyday this summer. It's my favorite new place.

I wish I was eating one right now.


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