This year- Day four.
2009-07-02/4:02 a.m.

My friends Jesse and Mark are in town as holdovers from the fest and today we are having a barbecue. Sometimes I worry that I spend too much time on the internet. Or that I use the internet to stand in for real life. When I look back at my 20s will I think of all the time I posted on a dumb message board or updated facebook?

But then I realize all of the actual friends I have because of the internet. If not for the message board I would not know either Jesse or Mark. Or Kelly Lynn for that matter and now she's one of my best real life friends.

Is the internet just something everyone over 20 has to deal with being a big part of their lives? Kim is getting married in October to a guy she met on friendster. FRIENDSTER! Do kids even know what that is? Obviously the internet worked out for her.

Will the internet ever be so ubiquitous that people will stop being embarrassed about it?


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