This year- Day five.
2009-07-03/3:28 a.m.

in case anyone ever doubts how important i am EVER AGAIN.

I am fairly terrible at being single. In fact, I don't mind being terrible at it. I hate dating so it's not like I wish I was getting tons of dates or anything. I do date though, since it seems like I have no other choice.

I haven't gone online or anything, because I feel like that would mean tons of dates and I really don't have the stamina for that. A friend of mine did and just went on a different date every night for like two weeks just to see what it was like. It was a neat experiment... for her to do. Not one that I would ever choose to do! No sir. I have too many naps to take and also dislike most people too much to even pretend to enjoy myself.

So anyway, I have gone on a few awkward sort-of dates with a friend of mine lately and they have been fun but he seems to be floundering a little bit and shy so it's difficult to judge. Tonight he came over (aww), told me he worked late tonight so that we could go see a movie on Sunday (that's sweet), and then somehow mentioned that he thinks he slept with a stranger on Monday night (wait... what??) and then was all "okay, well I'll call you about Sunday" and left.

I was confused by that turn of odd confessions. Also, why the heck am I not sleeping with him? Just strangers? Oh, and he is not sure, but he thinks it happened. That's nice. Sounds like it must have been pretty awesome. (that's sarcasm, in case it's not translating well over the internet)

Hilariously, this reminded me of this dude I dated in college named Cord. Cord took me on dates and was sweet and made sure I got home safely and had me meet his parents when they visited... all the while having dirty sex with this dirty skank that he never told anyone about. What the crap??

Is there something weirdly undesirable about me but yet makes people want to have dinner with me and take me to movies? I don't really know what else to take from this. I'm glad he's honest, I guess? I'm grasping.

Dating is the shitty pits. I texted Johnny daring him to tell me again how awesome dating is. I would love to go back to my general game of making-out-with-a-friend-and-then-becoming-a-sort-of-couple that I worked on in my younger years.

This is a weirdly honest thing to post that I may regret later. This Year project is already either working or a disaster! Hooray.

I posted photos from the weekend on my flickr (click on the photo up top to see them). It was a great time and I think I'm a little bummed that it's back to boring old nothing now. My grandma gets here next Friday and the band records the weekend after that. Focus on the good stuff, brain.


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