This year- Day seven. (fireworks and away we go)
2009-07-06/1:06 a.m.

What was the first record that I played on my new record player?

Why, it was Junior Varsity's "Go! To the Ice Cream Social!" of course.

It was so awesome! I called Johnny and played "hot rod" into his voicemail contraption while I smiled from ear to ear. I missed my Junior Varsity records.

Today I spent a good part of the day procrastinating (as usual) by reading in bed and being lazy. Adam called to schedule seeing "Away We Go" but it was only noon and we planned to see an 8pm movie. That was supposed to give me plenty of time to finish the flyer for the show next weekend and clean up around the house. Well, I finished the flyer and did some publicizing but that was about it. The rest was lazy, procrastinating time. Oops.

I did upload my photos from the 4th BBQ that I went to last night with Ann. The view from Katie's apartment was amazing! The interior of the apartment was beautiful too but I didn't snap any photos of that. We ate a bunch of grilled corn and then hot dogs with toppings from around the world. Then we watched fireworks and went to Ann's place to spend quality time with Daisy Dukes.

city view from the balcony- facing northeast.
holy crap- her view is insane!
big to do.
fire in the sky.

So yeah, I uploaded those and remembered that I have no view or balcony or awesome 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment in NYC. It's true, I don't!

I left the house and met Adam for dinner and a movie in the city. We were going to get awesome Bahn Mi sandwiches but the stand was closed. CLOSED!! Boooooo. We went across the street to someplace that seemed very new called "Stand" that was bragging about having one of the best burgers in NYC. The burgers were fine but not the best I've had. Nothing close to Dumont, for starters.

root beer float and a milkshake.

Adam was more intrigued by some dandelion beverage on the menu but when he ordered it the guy said "we don't have that today." I think maybe they assume no one will order it so they never have it on hand. That is just a guess. Dejected, he got a root beer float instead, while I got a pumpkin milkshake. It was beautiful outside so it was nice to be out, seeing some sunshine for once.

We both thought the food was good but I'm not sure about all the accolades that were printed on their menus. If only he could have tried the dandelion float with burdoch that he so wanted, then maybe we'd love the place.

Then it was off to "Away We Go" which was both funnier and sadder than I was expecting. The funny/sad genre of everything is pretty much my favorite all the time so I was pleasantly surprised. I don't even like John Krasinski generally but I really loved him in it and them as a couple in particular. Adam said he was warned that it could be really pretentious but he didn't think it fell into that trap. Two satisfied customers. I laughed a lot and I cried twice, if that helps this vague description any.

To go along with the theme of the week apparently, the movie made me think a lot about growing up and having kids and all that jazz. The couple in the movie could be considered "fuck ups" but it very nicely paints them as people who are nice and sweet and loving and who should totally be having kids. It was a hilarious juxtaposition to watch this movie after watching "16 and pregnant" on MTV earlier today. One is a terrifying horrorshow and one makes me want to get my act together and have a family. I'll let you guess which is which. One of the parts that made me cry was so awesome it was sad- where you just see that he is a great guy who loves her a lot. I am a softie.

The weekend is over, but since I do not currently have a job, that means very little to me. It's 1:30am and I am eating cherries and typing this and chatting with Kelley Q online like it's nothing. I need a job, I guess.


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