This year- Day eight. (dullsville and a rant)
2009-07-07/1:33 a.m.

Today was a bit of a waste. Eugene told me that I should write something everyday no matter how little happens or how little time I have- so here I am, doing just that. He'll love this entry because it mentions him right off the bat!

I sent some emails to work folks trying to plan some things out. I am considering going to LA for most of August but I don't want to do that if work will be happening here but I don't know what's happening with work so I haven't planned anything. It's an annoying circle that tends to happen when you're freelance. No one has really written me back with any news so I am still not planning anything.


My friend Aaron thinks he'll be filming his feature in August and if I am free I would love to help him with it. I also need to get my stupid tooth crowned and I can only use my dental insurance in CA so that would be good to do too. Also, also if work is starting up like crazy it's nice to take a vacation before that and get crap done and relax.

If work is not starting back up, I need to find a job that I haven't heard about or worked on before. Tough stuff.

Finally, I just want to vent for a second. My landlord has complained about me twice in the last two weeks apparently. One time I asked her if it was okay that I dogsit for a few days and she was all "yeah, no problem" like she was super laid back. When there was one day remaining the super came over all "how long is this going to be happening?" and I said that Lisa was picking them up the next day and he was all "no more!" Um, okay. What the crap?? In 5 years I have dog sat for exactly 5 days! That's it. They haven't damaged the apartment or peed inside or anything. What is the problem? He said that maybe in 6 months I could do it again. Why 6 months? Who knows! It was never explained.

blurry boys.

Then she complained when I was bbq-ing the other day. Because people were outside in the back area and they were drinking beer... it was like 5pm! It was sunny outside and it's the only time I've ever done that. Whatever.

The super also fixed some electrical problem a few weeks ago and totally fucked up my bedroom, dripped spackle on my things and did an all around terrible job and I did not complain. He dripped spackle down my couch!! That's ridiculous. Johnny saw the ceiling patch-up job he did and asked if he's blind. So yeah, most people would have complained but I did not. My thanks is being bitched at about every little thing. It's annoying. I am one of the best tenants ever. I pay everything on time, I don't have rowdy parties and I am out of town all the damned time. I don't have kids and I don't have pets. Kelly Lynn thinks my landlord is spoiled and I think she's right. However, why is she so nice to my face and then making the super come and yell at me?? I asked him and he said "she's got no (then pantomimed "BALLS")."

Fair enough. Vent over.

All I have eaten today is cherries and toast. I bought bread intending to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this week but then I guess I threw away my peanut butter for being old... doh! So I just made toast and ate the cherries. I have been attempting to lose some of this steroid weight (not a joke!) and this is as good a way as any. Also, a pretty delicious way.


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