This year- Day nine. (I am an angry feminist right now.)
2009-07-07/11:10 p.m.

Don't read this unless you want to be furious...fair warning!

My sister sent me a link to an article today about what a fat, lazy, underachiever Serena Williams is. Yup, some asshole wrote an article about this.


Click on the "fox sports" link if you want to read all of the article and not just the quotes.

His basic premise is that if Serena Williams would be more worried about being a skinny lady, she'd be more popular, well liked and the number one tennis player in the world. To him, she's got a fat ass and one of her capital crimes is enjoying eating. Yeah, she's awful.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. She is a professional athlete who is ripped and who works out a freaking lot, if she didn't eat she'd be passing out all the time. Also, she is not that big. She's like 5'9" and a size 10 (he says 16 in his article but it's clear he has no idea what women's sizes are) with a totally flat stomach. Also, she has a big butt. No matter her size. Does he think that if you want a smaller butt you can just go "well, I'd like to lose some weight in my butt" and just make that happen without effecting the rest of your body? I would love to live in his fantasy town, but unfortunately, that is not how losing weight works. She has a big butt and she shows it off, good for her. Might as well get used to it, since she'll have it her whole life. I am also afflicted with the big butt, I know her pain.

WHAT THE SHIT?!? Also, this article came out after she JUST WON WIMBLEDON. I can see why this guy's preference in women's butts is very important to people who would care enough to read about tennis. Stop the presses! He likes a booty "like a stuffed onion." Now, that, THAT, is journalism.

Not to mention all the tennis that he manages to somehow fit around his asshole diatribe, is not very accurate. How did this guy get to be a sports reporter? And why did anyone run this story??

My favorite part is that the photo of her with the story is her with ripped arms and a totally flat stomach... Did anyone read this before it was printed? Does he even hear himself or is he just trying to get attention by being a moron?

I would love to see her lose 30 pounds of muscle and still be able to serve the way she does. I would also love to know who he thinks is an over achiever if this is his idea of an under achiever. She did more by age 27, than a lot of people ever do. Stop being lazy, Serena, and take on a third full time job! Sheesh.

The bottom line is that if this writer doesn't want to totally have sex with you, you're probably not that great of an athlete.
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