This year- Day ten. (posted late- kids entry)
2009-07-09/9:03 a.m.

lillie made me this flyer.

I am watching Bain and Lillie for about 26 hours and they went to bed in the bedroom (where the computer is) so I wasn't able to actually put this online last night.

One new game we played today was called "let's make a show flyer!" and they both went pretty nuts for it. Lillie had me scan hers in so she could then color the original but then she forgot to color the original- but there it is up top. The horses are listening to music coming out of a boombox and they're really loving it but they don't know where the music is coming from (because they're horses).

Also, we are planning to take over the world with the music! (That was actually the plot of a really awesome episode of GI Joe called "cold slither" that I'd highly recommend watching.)

Bain was born exactly 20 years later than me, on the same day, and even in the morning. There are many differences between us (I don't cry when I lose a game of soccer, for example) but man are there ever similarities I've been noticing as he gets older. We went to the grocery store yesterday just to get some stuff for dinner and some fruit to eat as a snack and they asked for juice. They picked apple juice but when we passed the lemonade Lillie asked for lemonade too. Bain was all "you're not going to want to drink lemonade in the morning... do you really NEED it?" I laughed. Then he said "I'm trying to think like mom here, so we don't buy the whole store."


Lillie is still the heaviest sleeping child in the world. At 2am I tried to wake her up to go to the bathroom (she sleeps so heavily that she often doesn't wake up if she has to pee... it's a problem) but she didn't budge so I just picked her up, carried her to the bathroom, pulled her pajamas down and sat her on the toilet- told her to pee and wipe, then pulled her pants up, picked her back up and carried her back to bed. She didn't wake up at all and will have no memory of it when she wakes up. It's amazing! I want a kid like this . It's also 9am and Bain is all "okay, what can I do now?" while she is totally conked out in bed and probably will be for another hour.

The only downside of such a great sleeping baby/kid is the whole bed wetting issue.... but man, even when she was a baby she slept a lot and slept in. That's so wonderful.

Because I am the worst, I taught them a new word last night and it is "junk." As in, "don't hit Bain in the junk!" When they were going to bed Bain was saying something about his "privates" (because she had accidentally hit him again) and Lillie looked at me and said "you know, his "junk."" And then laughed and laughed. So, you're welcome Brandon. Enjoy that.


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