This year- Day twenty-one. (the marshmallows have recorded four songs.)
2009-07-20/1:10 a.m.

Back in the comfort of my own home. No internet was had yesterday (and little phone service) so there was no way to update.

Recording went well and we finished the four songs. Phrank did an amazing job and it was super fun to work with him. No matter how much I tease him (and vice versa) I actually think he's a talented dude underneath it all.

When listening to one song back Danny said "I would listen to this even if I wasn't in the band." So, there's the music quote of the weekend.

The entertaining quotes of the weekend would have to be something far more silly and gross and probably about farting or when Kelly nearly peed her pants from laughter/crying and Phrank got it on tape to listen to over and over for the rest of time and laugh.

I was really stressed out about recording but didn't want to say much about it. The only person I told I was panicking was Johnny and he told me not to and to calm down. Now that everything is done and I did an okay job (far better than I was fearing I'd do) I feel alright about mentioning it and not sounding like a negative nellie. The guitar parts and vocals went more quickly and painlessly than probably any of us thought they would and so I breathed a sigh of relief and had much more fun than I thought I would. There were a lot of laughs to be had and no fighting. Awesome!

We listened to the rough mix of the songs towards the end of the drive back tonight and I think we were all happy. I could see Kelly Lynn smiling in the rearview mirror.


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