This year- Day twenty-three.
2009-07-22/1:56 a.m.

On the way back from Binghampton we pulled off the highway and then realized we made a mistake and wanted to get back on. Before I knew it Danny had turned into a dark cemetery. ACK! It was TERRIFYING. Nothing like being in an unfamiliar place, in total darkness and then having your headlights illuminate tombstones for as far as the eye could see.

The last two nights I have had very lucid and odd dreams. In the first one I ran into my friend Terry on the street and he told me that he was subletting out his amazing 1br apartment and asked me if I'd want it for cheap. In real life he has a great apartment in Brooklyn Heights (I think... I haven't seen him in a few years) but in the dream he had a huge loft on 14th and 8th ave in Manhattan.

I ended up walking to his apartment to look at it and decide. It was huge! but it had a lot of spiral staircases, which I kept thinking would be bad for grandma in the dream. Then a bunch of people were suddenly in the apartment and I got so mad that I couldn't tell him that I wanted it. Even in the dream I was thinking that I shouldn't move until I decide what's happening with my life re: living in NYC or LA.

I got really mad and woke up pissed off about how I hate that my life is so up in the air.

Last night I dreamt a lot of things but one had a store that I was in with Johnny, that Mike was sitting in. Mike hid from me but it was clearly after we both saw him. Johnny tried to talk to him (which made me mad) and he just pretended not to hear.

Another part had a large party that involved many rooms or apartments in one building. Again, the theme was "which city do you really live in?" Every room seemed to be in a different city and I couldn't decide which one to stay in.

I wonder what tonight's sleep will bring? Hopefully nothing that makes me anxious when I wake up. If I could choose I'd want it to be full of good times and relaxing stuff so that I wake up peaceful and rested. Thanks in advance, brain.


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