This year- Day twenty-four. (girls rock and ira glass)
2009-07-23/1:03 a.m.

Tonight I actually left the house and went out to dinner with Kelly Lynn and Chris before we went to a book reading at Barnes and Noble. The book is "A Girl's Guide to Rocking" and I really loved the reading.

I am more just glad that so many things like this exist now. Girls need stuff like this. It's still not totally common to see teenage girls in bands, and it's still common to read reviews of bands who have ladies in them just talk about how pretty/ugly they are and barely mention the music.

There were little girls there who asked questions and were adorable. I wanted them all to talk to each other about starting a band and go to girl's rock camp. I wish I had a girl's rock camp back when I was a wee lass. When I have kids I will be the "cool" parent who makes them do crap like this while they roll their eyes and complain, with the full knowledge that they will remember it fondly when they're older.

Then, as we were leaving, I saw super foxy Ira Glass and stopped breathing. Hilariously, Kelly Lynn just started taking photos of him without really pretending at all that she was doing anything else. I tried to think of something to tell him, but I blanked. Luckily, as I was walking passed him, a lady cut me off and I bumped into him and brushed across his stomach. Woooops!

He's 50 years old and I think he's sexier now than ever before. I just told Eugene that if I could predict the future and ensure that he will look and be like Ira Glass in 20+ years I'd trick him into a drunken Vegas wedding right now. That's flattering, right? I hope he didn't think I was being a jerk. But then I was a jerk when I told him to make his personality more like Ira's.

For comparison- Eugene looks like:
we look pretty normal in this one so i guess it was a failure as a feature

He knows that this makes me happy. And some teenager at Jamba Juice told him he looks like Ira Glass too. I'm not just creating the things I wish were true!

An old boss of mine, who is now a famous lesbian, dated Ira in college. When I was 19 and she told me that I was so damned jealous, while no one else at work cared at all. Fools!


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