This year- Day twenty-five. (Ana and dance party)
2009-07-24/1:42 a.m.

ana's self portrait

Ana is one of the funniest kids of all time. This is based on her being asked to draw a picture of what she thinks god looks like and her turning in a drawing of a very happy pimp (huge smile, long coat, bell bottoms and boots), for drawing dinosaurs and then adding long blonde hair and calling them "mom," (her mom is blonde) and for slowly attempting to bite Molly once while Molly nervously eyed her.

Ana, though only 7 years old, loves Hell's Kitchen and watches it every week. She asked if he can have her quincinera there... it's sweet that she thinks I'll still be making the show in 8 years (and that it will still be on the air in 8 years). So last night she asked her mom why the tv was making a weird noise and then made a bleeping sound. Doh! She has caught on the wonders of editing out swearing. Teresa lied and told her there must be a sound problem. I wonder how long that lie will tide her over?

Then Teresa posted this on my facebook: "Today she enlightened me with this tidbit... "what if there is another universe, and instead of Mercury it was called Banana and instead of Pluto it was called Zoo-a-ka?""

Sigh. No adult will ever say anything that bizarre and amazing and not be immediately made fun of or put in "special" classes. Kids get away with the best stuff.

(seen above, self portrait Ana drew last year. She also drew this amazing, and huge, dinosaur fight that had blood splattered all over it. I don't have a photo of that, unfortunately.)

I have no idea what band is playing, but this guy is awesome. By just having fun he made this show a zillion times more fun. It's like how laughter is contagious... so is dancing.

Guy Singlehandedly Starts a Dance Party.


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