This year- Day twenty-six. (500 Days of Summer)
2009-07-25/2:25 a.m.

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Tonight Lisa, Kelly Lynn, Ann and I met up and saw "500 Days of Summer." The plan was hastily thrown together when I was at the book reading the other night and Lisa texted me that we should see it this weekend. I was sitting next to Kelly who was all "yes, we should!" Then I saw Ann last night and told her we were going in her neighborhood and she was all about joining. Ladies night at the heartbreak movie of the summer.

Lisa was so primed to love this movie that it was scary. SCARY! She was nearly crying before it began, just based on anticipation. And yet, the movie pretty much lived up to her expectations. She loved it.

I really liked it. It's far sillier in parts than I expected it to be, which was a breath of fresh air. It was also sad, but this is completely from the male point of view in a scenario where he is completely in love with her and thinks she's "the one" and she does not feel the same way about him.

I liked the way music was used a lot, and the use of drawings in the backgrounds. I have to assume though, that the "architecture" in the movie was as laughable to actual architects as when people are "sketching" in movies to me and all my college friends. (see the scene in Titanic for big laughs, as well as Dawson's Creek) However, I did like when buildings were drawn in the background and when he doodled on her arm and drew on his bedroom wall. I am a fool for that artsy crap though.

Afterwards, Lisa and I pondered what the movie about their relationship would be like from her perspective and how different it would be. And how she probably tried really hard to love him but just never did and that's why she was crying so hard at the end of the Graduate. Also, you'd see way more of the main guy's bad parts in her version.

It is really hard when you know you have the power to break someone's heart. Ideally, they have that power too, and no one exercises it. That is rare though, unfortunately. In this movie, she has that power pretty much the whole time while he has none at all.

The ending was very rushed and thrown together though. The timeline made little sense and the last line was a real groaner. That stunk. Up until then I really loved it and will just have to pretend that didn't happen when I think back on the movie later.

Sidenote- Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gotten really good and been in some movies I have loved. "Brick" and "The Lookout" were both good and he was excellent in them. He's also adorable. Good for him for growing out of the 14 year old cute guy roles respectably.


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