This year- Day thirty.
2009-07-29/3:31 a.m.

What a difference putting on pants can make! I went to the post office and to Walgreen's and did a bunch of laundry and ate a sandwich. I became one of the living again today.

I also found a totally kickass present for Johnny but I will not post what it is until after I have mailed it to him. Totally random and cheapo but I think he will love it.

I need to clean up and organize before my dad gets here on Thursday night but, I am my father's daughter, so I am up at 3am procrastinating instead. I even washed all the towels, but they're piled on my bed instead of put away in the bathroom for no particular reason.

Kathleen and I are supposed to have part two of our epic "catch up on a month of crap" phone call but it's 12:30am in CA and she hasn't called. I am being stood up for my phone date I think. By the time I finally talk to her I will remember maybe 50% of the stuff that I was dying to tell her and 100% of the boring crap that I don't care about.

I am reading Sense and Sensibility and noting the quotes that make me laugh to compile later. I am old and hopeless and infirm though, I can tell you that much for certain.


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